LockPal Locksmith Training

Locksmith Training For Serving And Ex Forces Personnel

Here at LockPal Locksmith Training we respect and are grateful what others have done for us in the past and in the future and so if any serving and ex forces personell are thinking about becoming Locksmiths then we offer them the chance to spend a morning or afternoon with us in St Helens Merseyside absolutely free of charge with no obligations to discuss the pros and cons of the locksmith business.

We want to offer this simply because Derek one of our trainers is ex RN and we know of so many ex forces spend savings and fought for redundancy money on starting a locksmith business that fails within a year of two of the start up. We want you to be able to make an informed decision whether locksmithing is for you or not.

If you would like to take us up on this offer give us a call on 07961 794914 let us know your serving or ex-forces and we will send you out a small form to verify your name and address and contact details we will then make arrangements for you to visit our workshop in St Helens (Please note that confirmation of identification and service history will be required).

Do Ex Forces Make Good Locksmiths ?

Of course ex forces make good locksmiths and they are in my opinion more likely to succeed in the locksmith business than their civilian counterparts because of their training and experiences but they also need support an mentorship to help them succeed, Forbes magazine (June 18th 2014) gives 3 reasons why veterans make great entrepeneurs.


1. They know how to effectively manage risk: Of course managing risk in the entrepreneurial sense seldom includes life and limb, but running a business carries with it a fair amount of financial and other risks. Far too many entrepreneurs are so risk averse they are never able to capitalize on the rewards of taking a calculated risk. I’m not suggesting a cavalier approach to managing risk, but Panaccione would suggest that the military does a pretty good job of teaching its leaders how to evaluate risk and capitalize on opportunities. I agree, this is a highly valuable skill for an entrepreneur.


2. They operate well under pressure: Another valuable skill. Leading a small business that is often underfunded and understaffed requires business leaders to deal with the stress and pressure of wearing multiple hats. Over the course of my career I’ve seen business leaders who were good at doing this, as well as others who didn’t cope well with the pressure.


3. They have experience getting a lot done with limited resources: Small business owners must deal with this challenge on a regular basis. The ability to prioritize initiatives and tackle those that offer the greatest possibility of success is an invaluable talent that can’t be ignored when money and resources are stretched thin. Almost anyone could run a business if the challenge of allocating limited resources wasn’t a problem.

Introduction To Locksmithing With LockPal Locksmith Training


Why do we offer a introduction to locksmithing day to serving or ex forces, it because im ex forces myself and want any potential students either with us or elsewhere know exactly what to expect and how hard the business is to get a foothold in.

By meeting us at our workshop you get a chance to see what we are about then you can compare us with others and have a better idea of what you should be expecting.