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Becoming A Locksmith The Truth


Becoming a Locksmith the truth here at LockPal Locksmith Training we want our Locksmith Students to be successful so we tell it how it is warts and all.

Both the locksmith course tutors are independent trading locksmiths who can pass on the dos and donts of running a successful locksmith business this will save LockPal Locksmith Training students both money and time building up their business.

What you need to remember is just like any other business startup there is already people doing what you intend to be doing in your area so you have to think about how your going to compete with them ?

Over the years we have known of many people doing a Locksmith Training Course before spending hard earned cash on tools, stock, Sign written vehicles more advanced training thousands on advertising then the business folding and them having nothing after all the hard work.

Here at LockPal Locksmith Training we will make it easier for you to succeed, we wont spend time teaching you what you dont need to know only what you need to know, we wont spend time making tools that are readilly available to buy from suppliers or second hand and we will telll you about marketing your business what works and what doesnt work based around what we do ourselves and know works.

How Do I Become A Locksmith ?

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The surprising thing about locksmithing is that its an industry that is not regulated so anyone can set up as a locksmith and as for Locksmith Training Courses despite what trainers may say there is no official training for locksmiths and only one (Ofqual) official regulated educational qualification for locksmith training courses have a look yourself on the NCFE website www.ncfe.org.uk were you will find:


Non-regulated programmes


"NCFE doesn’t just provide courses that lead to a regulated qualification. We also provide a range of accreditation & employer services for providers who, if they meet our criteria, are able to write and deliver programmes that are approved and certificated by NCFE".

So most people become locksmiths by taking a locksmith training course, buying stock and tools then advertising their services its that simple.

Because there is only one regulated Locksmith Training Courses what you get taught differs from course to course and the skill levels of the locksmith trainers also differ.

However being the best locksmith in the world is no good when no one can find you because without marketing yourself and business correctly you will make no money.


On completion of any Locksmith Training Course you will be lucky if you can pick every lock on the market, simply because lockpicking is a skill that needs to be practised  and can take years to master, locks are developed to keep people out and if it was that easy then everyone would be doing it and their would be no need for locksmiths.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Locksmith ?


How long does it take to become a locksmith ? the answer is suprisingly simple you can call yourself one today, the truth of the matter is years, when I did my locksmith training course it was over 5 days 0900-1700 I learned the very basics didnt learn much about upvc door locks or window locks and struggled in my first 12 months as the back up promised on the Locksmith Training Course did not materialise.

It was a chance meeting with a experienced locksmith that helped me progress he was at the end of the phone to help me with stuff I had not learned on my Locksmith Training Course and thats important being able to talk it through with experienced working locksmiths this can make the difference between success and failure.

At LockPal Locksmith Training UK we want the students on our locksmith courses to succeed not fail, this is why we spend a lot of time on Upvc doors and windows and time out on real life jobs as well as workshop work being a locksmith is not only about when its going right but most importantly when its gone wrong and you need a plan B or plan C.

Is Running A Locksmith Business Easy ?

Running a succesful  Locksmith business is very hard work, its not like any other business your phone is always on and you dont work 9-5 with every weekend off unless your very lucky. When starting a business you should do a business plan although you shouldnt let the results put you off with the locksmith business you are not marketing something new there is already people out there with their own customer base, when starting out your competing with people who are already well established and of course other new start ups its not easy and takes a lot of time building up your customer base and reputation, meanwhile you still have to put bread on the table.

Theres marketing to be done and you need to be consistent with this the more that people know about your existence the more chance of work you will get, Ive known many a good lock picker and locksmith who didnt make it simply because their phone didnt ring you can be the best locksmith in the world but if no one can find your phone number you will not get work.

Why Use LockPal For Your Locksmith Training ? Whats The Difference ?


So why use LockPal for your locksmith Training needs ? your right in asking the questions we cant tell you about other training providers and there are plenty of them simply because we dont know them and we dont know what their standard of training is. What we will say is that its your career so choose carefully but given the chance again I would be asking the following questions.


1. Are the trainers current trading locksmiths ? if they are not then are they the best to advise you on running and marketing a locksmith business

2. Do they provide live training ? I discovered afer my training that the workshop environment was much different than when your stood in front of someones door.

3. How long is the course ? most other courses run for four 8 hour days minus breaks leaving you with about 26 hours total training time with LockPal Locksmith Training our hours are 0800-2000 12 hours per day we want you to succeed and this starts with your training.

4. Will you be getting any business/marketing knowledge ? Both the Locksmith Trainers of LockPal are trading locksmiths they can tell you what works and what doesnt work which saves you both time and money.

5. Comparison of Training Costs ? Of course how much you want to spend on Locksmith Training will come into it but remember it is your future your investing in have a look at the full picture before making your decision.

6. The training environment does it matter if your doing your training in someones shed ? not really its the content of the training that matters.

Locksmith Training Aftercare


After training as a locksmith thats the beginning what about any aftercare is there anyone to contact regarding advice ? Many trainers advertise this but dont carry it through.

When I did my training I was given a contact number to phone should I need advice but when i phoned there was no answer.

At Lockpal we are working locksmiths we will answer the phone between 0800 and 2100 seven days a week thats our working hours we also have a whatsapp group of locksmith members some very experienced and some not so experienced who help each other out with advice on locks and how to do things if stuck.

We also offer free top up training to those who want it so if at anytime you want to come back to the workshop yopu can.

Remember we want you to succeed in yur new business not fail thats why we do what we do.