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About LockPal Locksmith Training

LockPal Locksmith Training was set up by two independent trading Professional Locksmiths to provide Locksmith students the best possible chance of running a successful and profitable business within a highly competitive industry.

Here at LockPal Locksmith Training our experience and knowledge within the industry allows us to provide training that works, both trainers are professional locksmiths which means they only do locksmithing, one trainer Derek has over 40 years previous security experience within the Armed Services (Royal Navy), Civil Police Forces, Security Management & Guarding, Mental Health Nursing Management and of course Locksmithing since 2009.

Our other trainer Mark is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association and Safe and Vault Technician Association, both are also experienced in marketing, websites, search engine optimisation, social media so not ony can they impart real world knowledge and experience within the Locksmith Industry they can also inform students how to successfully market their own business.

Here at LockPal Locksmith Training we want our Locksmith Students to succeed we have seen too many people spend a lot of money on Locksmith Training, tools, stock, marketing such as pay per click for them to fail within a year or two. Starting a business within the Locksmith industry is just like any other business start up its difficult theres plenty of competition, here at LockPal we will teach you what works and what doesnt work and why and this will save you time and money as you wont need to make the mistakes that we and others have made. Examples of this include the purchase of tools that are not required when first starting out, advertising and marketing costs without a good return on investment.

The Locksmith Training Course with LockPal takes place both within our workshop at Lea Green, St Helens, Merseyside but also outside on live jobs this way you not only get the perfect world training within the workshop environment but also the not so perfect environment outside on live jobs.

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The Coronavirus Pandemic How It Affected Locksmiths


The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone in some way or another for us we couldnt offer our training despite missing opportunities to do so however as we are first and foremost trading locksmiths our business was not affected as badly as some.

When the pandemic hit the UK we decided not to take any risks with our learners and so decided that no training would take place until both the government and ourselves considered it safe to do so.

As trading locksmiths we continued offering our services but using infection control and prevention techniques and because we have a diverse amount of clientele we were not affected as badly as some other businesses.

Unfortunately some locksmiths for example commercial and warrants locksmiths were really affected as their source of income which they depended on stopped completely.

From a business point of view I learned a few things mainly that being a general locksmith enabled us to continue to work during a very bad time of recession but secondly because we had varied types of customers and contuned to advertise and market our services kept us afloat.

We are again offering our training (dependent on Tiers) but taking neccessary infection control and prevention precautions including the wearing of masks/face shields, gloves, plenty of hand washing using both soap and water and alco-gel but are watching out for any changes in circumstances and advice from the Government.