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5 Day Locksmith Training Course 


This Locksmith Training course is intended for students who have little or no knowledge of locksmithing. It is intended that on completion of the Locksmith course the student will be able to identify, open and install the majority of door locks in use in the UK. As we want our students to succeed we also show you how to market and advertise your business using methodology that works for us we are not aware of any other course offering this. We have a maximum of two students on our course who learn theory and practice in the workshop but also out on live jobs.


Flexible Locksmith Training Course


At LockPal we understand that doing a full five day locksmith course all at once is not always possible for some people therefore we provide flexible training to suit your needs so if you wanted to do one or two days over a number of months this can be done just call us to discuss your requirements.


Who Will Provide The Locksmith Training Course ?


The Locksmith training will be provided by current trading locksmiths who are able to share real world knowledge and experience of not only locksmith techniques but how to market and successfully run a profitable locksmith business.

How Will The Locksmith Training Course Be Carried Out ?

The Locksmith training will consist of both theory and practical work within our workshop in Lea Green St Helens and out in the field on real life jobs, students will be required to take notes during the course as this helps to better understand the ideas and concepts discussed and practised during the course. There will be an examination at the end of the Locksmith Training course to assess the students understanding of the LockPal Locksmith Training Course (dont worry its not a pass or fail exam) if required extra training will be carried out free of charge.


LockPal Locksmith Training Application Criteria

Here at LockPal Locksmith Training we want our Locksmith Students to succeed with their own business your investing money for the course and so we need you to understand that your entering a profession that is very highly competitive and not one that is easy to succeed in.

As the trainers of LockPal Locksmith Training are Trading Locksmiths we will only train people from outside of a 15 mile radius of Rainford, St Helens, Merseyside and will only post out information/application packs to an address outside of this area.


Our Locksmith training courses would therefore suit those looking for Locksmith Training In & outside of the following County Areas:

Locksmith Training UK

Locksmith Training Cheshire Including - Warrington , Chester , Crewe , Ellesmere Port , Macclesfield.

Locksmith Training Cleveland Including - Hartlepool , Middlesborough , Stockton , Redcar.

Locksmith Training Lancashire Including - Blackpool , Blackburn , Preston , Burnley , Lancaster.

Locksmith Training Manchester Including - Leigh , Bury , Bolton , Atherton , Tyldsley , Stockport ,

Locksmith Training Cumbria Including - Carlisle , Workington , Barrow In Furness , Whitehaven , Penrith

Locksmith Training North Wales - Wrexham , Denbigh , Conwy , Llandudno , Colwyn Bay , Anglesey

Locksmith Training West Yorkshire - Leeds , Bradford , Huddersfield , Wakefield , Halifax , Batley

Locksmith Training North Yorkshire - York , Harrogate , Scarborough , Skipton , Ripon , Northallerton

Locksmith Training Shropshire - Telford , Shrewsbury , Oswestry , Bridgnorth , Ludlow

Locksmith Training South Yorkshire - Barnsley , Doncaster , Rotherham , Sheffield

Locksmith Training Derbyshire - Derby , Chesterfield , Swadlincote , Buxton , Glossop

Does LockPal Locksmith Training Courses Accept Elcas Funding ?


We often get asked does the LockPal Locksmith Training Courses accept Elcas Funding and the answer is not at the moment however we recommend that you use you Elcas Funding to obtain a Educational Qualification that would go hand in hand with your Locksmith Training such as a electrical course which would help in providing electronic access locks to customers.

LockPal Locksmith Training Application Procedure


Time is precious so we dont want to waste your time or ours all calls will be answered by our administrator Pam who is not a locksmith so is unable to answer any questions you may want to ask about the course .

All those interested in our courses including visiting our workshop or speaking to someone regarding our courses should please leave their contact number and we will contact you back to answer any questions you have and or will send out an information pack please note we will not be training anyone to be in direct competiton with us so will not send out any information to persons with addresses within the areas we cover.

LockPal Locksmith Training Prices

The full price of our 5 day Locksmith Training Course to celebrate our 10 years in the business is now only £1050 for a five day course (discounted to £950 if attending for 5 days together)  there is no vat to be added to this. To book a position on one of our courses costs a non refundable deposit of £100 is required with the rest being payable at least two weeks before the course is due to start.

We always suggest comparing courses and visiting training areas so you can see the difference, we personally welcome visitors especially serving or ex forces.

LockPal Locksmith Training Aims Objectives And Learning Outcomes




The aim of LockPal Locksmith Training is to enable learners to succeed as independent or employed professional locksmiths.




To enable the learner to identify, open, replace, retro fit , upgrade and fit the majority of locks found on doors in the UK.

The learner will employ both modern and traditional methods to achieve these objectives.

The learner will also be taught how to market their business including the development of and upkeep of their own website.


Learning Outcomes


On completion of the LockPal Locksmith Training Course learners should be able to:


Identify and open the majority of locks currently found on doors in the UK using both non destructive and destructive methods.


Be able to identify and retrofit locks including where a lock is obsolete.


Be able to fit locks from scratch


Be able to identify and offer lock upgrades where appropriate


Be able to appropriately market and advertise their own business including the development and upkeep of websites.


Be able to complete the Locksmith Training Course Exam.

Locksmith Training For Housing Associations & Maintenance Companies


Here at Lockpal Locksmith Training we also provide locksmith courses for Housing Associations and Maintenance Companys who want to reduce the amount of damage caused by staff when dealing with locked doors.

The courses can be tailored to the needs of your staff who may not need to know how to pick locks but would need to know how to open them when they fail or may need to know about upvc door locks.

If you would like to discuss any of your needs just give us a call.

Upvc Door Locks Why Focus On These ?


The Lockpal Training Course does spend over 70 % of our time on Upvc/Composite door locks simply because these locks make up over 70 per cent of all door locks in the UK today.

We cover all the methods of opening these door locks both destructive and non destructive and the opening of failed upvc door multipoint locking systems and replacing them even ones that are obsolete.

We provide out locksmith students wit both teory and practicals witin our workshop and out on live jobs with both our independent trading locksmith instructors.

Part Time Or Full Time Locksmith Training ? The Choice Is Yours


At LockPal locksmith training we understand that you may like to continue earning whilst your learning and so we also offer part time locksmith training which could be over a number of weeks or months the choice is yours.

Part time courses are ideal for those wishing to spread the cost of training whilst building up their own business.

At LockPal We Support You After Your Locksmith Course

paper-3213924_640 (1)

When I did my locksmith training in 2009 I was promised aftercare support I could call anytime when I needed help it sounded good but it didnt work.

After I finished the course I couldnt get hold of anyone for advice this is why we offer genuine support you can call any of our trainers beween 0800-2200 7 days a week and after training will have access to a locksmith whatsapp group whos members are trading locksmiths who offer advice and a bit of banter at times.

We want you to succeed not fail and will be there to support you when needed.

Lock Picks Which Ones To Buy ?

LockPal Lock Picks

Prior to attending our courses students often purchase lock picks to practice with often with not much success so whats the reasons for this ?

Firstly if lock picking was so easy everybody would be doing it but secondly a lot of people buy cheap picks which wont do you any favours as they can be too thick for locks in the UK or are made to thin and snap after only using a few times.

So what do we suggest ? Its simple do not buy the cheapest as the old saying goes buy cheap and buy twice and Ive done that and dont buy the most expensive simply because until you become better at lock picking you stand a good chance of breaking a few picks.

So when training with us you will be using what ive used for years and still use today which are a mixture of Majestic lock picks and dino lock picks Ive consistently bought both becuase they have worked for me and are reasonably priced once you become used to using these you could then consider trying out some more expensive picks even hand made picks if that takes your fancy.

One of the latest tool makers on the market is Law Lock Tools ive got some and like them but my majestics are always used first when out on a job.

Coronavirus How Did Locksmiths Cope ?

hands-4934590_640 (1)

LockPal locksmith training is provided by two independent trading locksmiths and we have both been working throughout the pandemic although weve not been able to offer out training until August 2020.

Unfortunately some locksmiths who concentrated on warrant work were hit pretty bad as all utility warrants stopped so did commercial warrants and evictions, the locksmith training centres who depend on training were probably hit bad as well as they are not trading locksmiths and doing training without being close to learners was not possible for us.

Some Locksmith shops were closed and so lost trade and other locksmiths who worked for the shops on a self employed basis were no doubt also affected.

So how did we do ? for the first month we remained at home because quite rightly we couldnt work safely due to gloves and handwash being required by front line services.

After a month we were able to get handwash a supply of marigold gloves and did our risk assessment in how we could work safely and went back to work. Surprisingly as we are general locksmiths customers needed our services ad despite letting and estate agents not working we are doing ok in that overall we only lost work from the month of March and are ticking over quite well considering the pandemic is still ongoing.

Would I still recommend starting a business as a locksmith ? certainly but its proved how important marketing and advertising is and not having all your eggs in one basket.

We wish everyone all the best in the world for the future both in private life and business.

Looking For A New Hobby ? Why Not Take Your Pick


 Did you know that its not only locksmiths that pick locks ?. Many people pick locks for a hobby and others have groups attend meetings and take part in competitions called locksport events.

Theres plenty information about locksport and picking for an hobby on the internet and youtube they advice we would offer is dont purchase cheap picks as they are likely not to assist you in lock picking and of course dont purchase the most expensive simply because whilst starting off your likely to snap picks.

Clear practice locks are good when first starting as you can see how a lock works but they tend to be easy to pick so buying some basic security locks second hand will also help.

As for locksmiths its a myth that we are picking locks most of the time, it doesnt happen because the majority of the time we are dealing with failed locks and also use bypass methods to get around the lock.

Enjoy your new hobby keep at it its a skill that takes time to build up on and take advice from the locksporters they tend to be better lock pickers than most locksmiths

At Lockpal Locksmith Training We Say Do Your Research


We are probably one of the only Locksmith Trainers who recommend you do your research we want you to phone and visit other trainers why? because its your training we are talking about.

When you buy something you want to see what your buying is it quality is it value for money and especially with training do you get on with the trainers ? does the training environment suit your needs are the trainers working locksmiths or just trainers because if they are just trainers how are they going to help and advise you how to run a business ?

Doing a course is your first step in your new career just like anything else having someone to talk things over with when you come across something new is helpful so ask about after your course is there any back up service ? will you become a member of any locksmith groups that can help you out ?

At Lockpal Locksmith Training we encourage people to call us and ask any questions we encourage people to visit our workshop and spend a bit of time with us so you can try before you buy you can then work out for yourself if we are the trainers for you.